Fiber Glass Laminates


Base Material : Glass Cloth, Mat, Woven Roving
Matrix : Epoxy, Polyester, Phenolic, Vinyl ester.
Products : Epoxy Fiberglass Sheets- Fabric Base
Epoxy Fibreglass Sheets- Mat base
Polyester Fiberglass Sheets- Fabric Base
Phenolic Fiberglass Sheet-Fabric Base
Grades : EPGC01, EPWR01, EPGM01, G10, G11, FR4
UPGM01, UPGC01, SMC30, PFWR01.
Sheet Size :
Thickness (mm) 0.5 to 100
Standard LXW (mm) 1220 x 2440
1830 x 3660
Fabricated Parts*   Slot Wedges, Terminal boards, Terminal blocks, Rings, Spacers, Packers, Insulation Brackets, pole flanges, packing blocks, studs, nuts and other component of electrical machines.
Note : Other grades, sizes, parts as per customer requirements.